We have compiled a list of common questions that our customers had. If you have any additional questions that may not be answered below, please feel free to call us or email us.  We always want to make your experience with us rewarding and enjoyable. We would be more than happy to help.


Why should we choose LS Digital Photography?

This is a great question and a very important question from our customer’s perspective. These are the few distinct features we offer:

    • Digital prints with copy right to print.  A lot of the studios around us charge the customers for prints and not for original files taken during the shoot. We give the final pictures in CD along with rights to print so you can print as you wish. This gives a very cost effective benefit to you.
    • We do both Indoor location shoots and outdoor location shoots. You no longer need to travel to a studio and running against time to have your pictures taken. We come to your home, setup a studio environment in your home and take your pictures. After all the most comfortable place for anyone is your own home.
    • We take each and every customers personal. We offer customized packages.  Once you start doing business, we treat you more as our family and take absolute care of you.

Do you shoot indoor pictures?

This really depends on what you as a customer need. We do both Indoor location shoots and Out door location shoots. If you are having very small kids (infant less than 1 year old), ideally we would like to take the pictures in control environment, namely Indoor. This keeps the infant in a same and comfortable environment. But it does not mean we can only take pictures of Infant and Family indoors only. We can do either way. During our discussion prior to the photo session, we ca discuss more in detail about these specifics.

How much lead time do you need to book our sessions?

Ideally we need about 2 to 3 weeks lead time to schedule your sessions. We have sessions booked on almost all the weekends, so if you give us a good lead time we can make sure that we take care of you.  Please remember apart from booking us in advance, there is a lot of planning that has to be done prior to your photo sessions, like your Dresses, Locations etc.

Can we reschedule the session?

We understand there are unexpected events that will make you reschedule your sessions. Please call us to reschedule your session as soon as possible.

What are your rates?

we offer a wide variety of photography services and have different rates. Please visit our “Investment” page to see our services and rates. Call us if you have any questions.

How do you deliver the pictures?

We deliver the pictures in CD or DVD, depending on the total size of the pictures. Along with the Digital images we give you a copy right release  to print yourself. If you need them to printed, we give the prints as well.

Do we get to proof the pictures or select the pictures?

No, We typically shoot more than what we deliver in the CD. LS digital photography reserves the right to choose the best of the pictures and deliver them in the CD. In some cases like Portrait sessions, we generally show the pictures of different flavors/poses to the customer (on request) and let the customer pick the best of the portraits. For event photography, we do not provide that option. If you need all the pictures from a session (event or portrait), then we deliver it at additional cost.  We do not encourage customers to go for this option since it may be quite expensive. We do not provide raw or unedited pictures to the customers.

What is the quality of the images you deliver?

All our pictures are high resolution pictures. You can easily print them up to 16 in x 20 in prints.

Do you retouch the portraits to make it look good?

We do retouching ever so slightly. We do it to an extent to remove temporary blemishes like acme, pores etc. We do not do beauty retouching unless you ask for it with a nominal retouching fee. Please call us to know more details, if you need special retouching.

Do you give us complete copy rights?

All images are copy righted to LS Digital Photography. But we give the copy right release to print the pictures in outlets. You cannot use these pictures for any commercial purposes  or digitally modify the pictures.

How long will it take for the pictures to be delivered?

Typically it takes 2 weeks from the date of the shoot. Depending up on how busy we are, it may take a little longer. But if there is a likelihood of delay we will call and let you know about the delay.

Can we see the pictures online?

Yes,for all the packages we offer a complimentary service of online gallery. This is restricted page, which is accessible for you. We will load the best pictures (note, not all pictures) in this page, so that you can view or share with your friends and family. This online gallery will be online for about 3 months from the date of shoot and will be removed later.

What mode of payments do you accept?

We accept checks and cash. Our preferred method of payment is Checks. Please write your checks in favor of “LS Digital Photography”.

What Clothing should we wear for our Portraits?

We discuss clothing and makeup during the initial planning call. There are 3 ways we are prepared to help you with looking your best and your clothing choices.

    • We have created an extensive list of things to think about when considering what to wear . Please print this out and use it as a checklist to prepare for your session.
    • We will send you a pdf of fashion styles that are current but that will also stand the test of time. This is a great resource to use in coming up with how to layer your clothing for the best looks.
    • We are here for you as well if you have any questions. You can email us pictures of what you are thinking and we will happily help you and give you our feedback.

Generally speaking, here are a few tips:

    • For the For a family portrait session, it is all about timeless and simplicity. We ideally instruct our customers to wear a well color coordinated attire. For individual portraits we prefer simple and colorful clothing.
    • For traditional theme, we advice to have some similar tones i the dresses. We request the customer to discuss about the dresses and colors since we need to plan a good back ground for the portraits.
    • What you will wear will be dependent on what type of shoot you decide upon (outdoors v/s studio ). When you set up your session, we can discuss in greater detail which clothing for the type of shoot will enhance your portrait and produce the best looking images.

Do you offer any additional products?

We offer a couple of additional products.

    • Photography Album
    • Slideshows

Please visit our “Additional Products” page to additional details and samples.

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