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About LS Digital Photography


 L S Digital Photography was started with this unique mission. Our passion is to make photography affordable and an unique experience. When we have so many outlets where we can go and take the portraits, our service is unique. We specialize in on location portraits. We come to your door step and take portraits in the place where you are most comfortable, yes it is your home.

We specialize in Photography of diversified subjects such as Babies & Infants, Seniors, Families, Events, Foods, Macro, Nature & Wildlife. Please visit our Gallery to see some of our work.


About Suresh Rajaram


 I am very passionate in what I do. Being unique and creative is my goal. Photography and Painting has been my passion. My Interest in photography dates back to my early childhood days and my inspiration was my uncle. I love to venture out of my comfort zone and make unique pictures.

I am happily married to the love of my life and blessed with two adorable children. I love taking pictures of my family and kids. I probably have more than 10,000 unique pictures of my kids.

L S Digital Photography    -    Phone: 214.843.5173     -    suresh@lsdigitalphotography.com

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